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Tips to Protect Yourself From Investment Scams.

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24% Returns Per Annum

Investment scams often promise high returns to entice investors.

When presented with an investment opportunity that promises very attractive returns, it is important to verify how the investment scheme can generate such high profits.

When in doubt of the investment strategy, don't invest.

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Buy-back At Cost

All investments carry risk. Typically, the greater the promised investment returns, the higher the risk.

Be on alert when investment opportunities claim to guarantee or protect your capital, and promise high returns at the same time.

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2% Commission For Every Referral

Bona fide investment schemes generally do not offer commissions to investors for referrals.

Investment scams tend to use such incentives to encourage existing customers to refer their friends and associates to the investment opportunity so as to quickly enlarge their investor base.

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50 Years of Experience

Investment scams are often run by companies that claim to be well established. Some of these companies might claim to be regulated by the relevant authorities.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) maintains a Financial Institutions Directory. You can use it to check if a company is regulated to provide financial services. It is important to verify the background of these companies before making any investment decisions.

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Limited Period Only!

Pressure tactics such as limited time offers or limited opportunity offers are commonly used in investment scams to rush investors into making an investment commitment.

When hard-pressed to commit money quickly, recognise it as a pressure tactic and ask yourself if you fully understood what you are buying into. If in doubt, it is safer to walk away with your wallet intact than to commit to any investment on impulse.

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Typical investment scams often share testimonials of "satisfied customers" who have made money from the investments.

Investors should approach such claims with healthy scepticism, or even ignore them, because it is difficult to check on their testimonials.

Instead, assess investment opportunities based on known facts and information that can be verified.

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Ask. Check. Confirm.

This is an educational campaign brought to you by the Securities Investors Association (Singapore), in partnership with MoneySENSE, the National Financial Education Programme for Singapore.

Investors today are presented with a wide range of investment opportunities to help them achieve capital preservation and growth.

This campaign provides you with information on the risk of investing before doing your checks on the investment opportunity, and equips you with the skills to identify some of the common red flags which are associated with investment scams.